Website Design For Small Business Melbourne

The time the average Internet user spends surveying a web page is less than a minute. That is not a lot of time to grab the users’ attention and make them stay. They know there is a lot of competition in the virtual world and if you cannot provide at first glance what they are looking for, they move on.

Fortunately for the E-commerce business owner, there are several things they can be done to increase their chances for success.

1. Be visible to everyone

Building an E-commerce website means you will have to familiarize yourself with search engines marketing and placement, also frequently referred to as search engine optimization (SEO). The more you know about this topic, the greater your chances for success.

There are many E-commerce solutions that can be applied to attract a steady audience to your site. It starts by making sure your website is indexed properly. Web addresses with question marks and other unusual characters, and using complicated scripting language can create problems and may stop any pages from downloading properly. This means that if you are hiring a web master, stress your preference for universal Uniform Resource Identifiers (URLs), with .html file extensions.

One of the key elements of a successful SEO application and increasing your web presence is emphasizing meta tags and keywords in the content of all your web pages. Meta tags consists of info inserted into the “head” area of your web pages describing your site, although keywords are specific words – commonly related to your business – incorporated into the text on your website. These words will be picked up by search engines and determine the ranking your site will be shown when an Internet users request a search.

2. Build a strong presentation

Several company owners spend a lot of money to have the perfect website for their business built. They are proud when the site is finally launched, yet disappointed when their shopping carts remain empty. How can that be?

Some people have a lot of great advertising ideas, but when it comes to E-commerce not all of them may be suitable. Web sites have to be neat and clean, yet still need to have eye-catching features worked into the layout. It is a totally different process than putting a colorful brochure together, and may require the input of a skilled graphics artist.

3. Gain trust
After grabbing their full attention, building a good rapport with your clientele is vital. If they cannot trust you they will not buy. Start by adding an “about us” page to your site and tell your visitors whoever you are, why you picked this kind of business and what your goals are. People like to know whoever they are dealing with and that you will still be around next year. Adding a picture of you or your team puts a face to the name and is always appreciated.

Customer service is as important online as it is in the ‘real’ world. Return policies, payment options, virtual support, order status, shipping charges and delivery time are just a few of the shopping transaction details people like to be familiar with before closing the deal. If this info is missing, they may go elsewhere.

4. Highlight your products well
To provide a smooth shopping experience display your products well, even if your selection is limited. Not everyone can afford thousands of items in their e-store, but if you are one of the lucky ones, try to insert categories and sub-categories for your products. This will make browsing a lot easier.

Discounted and sales items should have their own section. Most people like a good deal, and even though they may not need anything when they started browsing, they may end up adding a few more items to their cart if the sales items are easy accessible and the price is right.

Adding a search program to the menu is also an excellent idea. Some people just do not have the time to view all of your products and may click away if they see the extent of your selection is endless, but if they have a chance to easily search your storefront, they may actually stick around and fill up an entire shopping cart.

5. Adding it all up
The Internet retail business can be an exciting and rewarding venture as long as a few simple rules are followed. Keep your site layout simple, yet add a few attention-grabbing features on your pages. Organize your merchandise and focus on customer trust. The easier your customers find what they are looking for, the more they will buy. Remember, a happy customer will not only come back, but will also spread the word, and according to promotional wizards, word-of-mouth is still the most successful way to advertise.