Small Business Website Design Free

Profitable sites blend artistic elements, simple operation, convincing text, and instinctive function. People develop a first impression of the professionalism of a business within seconds of visiting a website. Businesses approaching web design without full knowledge of each aspect may quickly lose the trust of their visitors. This article describes seven website design tips that are essential to building a profitable online business.

Using Graphics And Pictures

Interesting and attractive pictures and photographs can pique the interest of visitors and encourage trust, but this is mostly limited to the way they’re displayed and created in website design. Images should work to build the brand of a business and should convey a message consistent with the overall marketing plan. Designers should use them in a way that caters to Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and the other search engines.

Being Too Flashy Can Cost Sales

Providing information full of benefits, encouraging trust, and compelling visitors to buy are the three staples of good web design. However, many website design professionals and business owners generally sacrifice these elements that bring about sales in exchange for a flashy design. The problem is that most visitors come to a website seeking an answer to a problem, not to look at a lavish website. During times when beautiful, an extravagant and flashy website doesn’t generally provide those answers a visitor needs. It is important to have an attractive website, but providing valuable information is actually more important, and more profitable.

Cater To What The Search Engines Like

During times when the search engines, Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and others, have become more adapt at indexing sites using unconventional elements of web design, they still have limitations. By catering your site to what the search engines like, you can quickly gain free traffic from the organic search results without sacrificing website design elements and functionality.

Navigation Should Be Instinctive

People will click away from a website that is difficult to navigate or if they can’t find what they need right away. Good web design involves simple and instinctive navigation so people can instantly find what they seek.

Product Photos So, are A Must

Any business that sells products must include professional product photographs in their website design. Other than persuasive text, few things can inspire a person to buy more than attractive professional photos. They create a connection between the product and the visitor that compels them to purchase and are an essential part of effective web design.

Compelling Text

To encourage confidence, online businesses must have well written, compelling text that inspires visitors and works to create a relationship with them. Whether this means providing valuable tips, informative articles, or monthly newsletters, providing written text that fascinates visitors brings them closer to becoming a customer.

Plan For Expansion

Any successful business will eventually have the need to expand, so good website design should include room to scale and grow. This can include adding a database, shopping carts instead of “buy now” buttons, a content management system, or just making it simple to add new products. When approaching web design with an expectation of expansion, the site won’t limit the growth of the online business.

Building A Profitable Website

By keeping these seven tips for web design in mind, a site will attract visitors, pique their interest, and compel them to buy. When thinking ahead with expansion in mind, a professional Illinois website design firm, or a firm anywhere, can ensure a profitable website for years to come.