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The Columbus Image Display Rental Firm appeared on the Daytime Columbus with Gail Hogan. Chad & Sherry discussed enjoyable image display leasings in Columbus, Ohio for wedding party, senior proms and also events. You can enjoy the 4 min video clip on YouTube. Here is the meeting:

Gail Hogan: As a couple intends their wedding celebration and also function, they put a lot of thought right into the location and also the food selection and also the fun. Lately, a big component of the fun is establishing a picture display for visitors and also the wedding event event. And also joining me today to reveal us exactly how the enjoyable is having a good time at the reception Chad as well as Sherry Zwayer of the Columbus Image Display Firm. Welcome back to Daytime both of you.Sherry: Say thanks to you.Chad: Good to see you again, Gail.Gail Hogan: Business is expanding.
People enjoy this idea.Chad: It is. It merely maintains expanding in popularity. In 2013 was our record year.Gail Hogan: That’s amazing.Sherry: There is no slow weather anymore.Gail Hogan: This is the photo display and also it is similar to
the old image booth that they utilized to have in drug stores.Sherry: It’s a lot larger.Gail Hogan: It is bigger. So open it up so you could see. Just what did you tell me, Sherry, you have actually had up to exactly what.

.14 people?Sherry: Fourteen is our record.Gail Hogan: Why do you believe, Chad, that is becoming so much of a preferred item for people to feature at their wedding.Chad: Well, it offers for 3 points for the new bride as well as the groom.

First as well as most significantly, it’s an event favor, you know, when the guest enter there, they obtain the pictures right

away. Secondly of all, not everybody prefers to dance.Gail Hogan: Right, that’s true.Chad: So, you understand, there’s a great deal of senior people, there’s a bunch of young kids, so they go in there a whole lot, they enjoy. It benefits all ages. And afterwards lastly, we would certainly do a photo cd and we’ll put an extra duplicate because image cd, ask the guests that are in the photo to authorize it. We’ll obtain it back to the bride and groom that same night. It’s an excellent memento for them. Gail Hogan: Really, what an excellent memento. So just how does this work?Chad: Proceed as well as take place in there.Gail Hogan: Shall I offer it a try?Chad: Sure. Gail Hogan: Okay. I’m going to sit on here.Chad: It’s extremely straightforward. It’s a touchscreen display.

All you need to do is touch as well as go. It’s going to take 4 shots. Sherry: Make sure you’re considering the
camera.Chad: We included this year are added monitor which
enables individuals loafing the area of the booth to see just what’s going on inside.Gail Hogan: That’s awesome.Gail Hogan: And then anybody could come in below throughout the function, they get the pictures.
It’s easy. They state cheese, they smile.Sherry: Yes.Gail Hogan: They enjoy. They place on props then that’s it.Sherry: Yeah, it publishes out in 8 seconds as well as if ten people remained in the display, we give all ten people a photo and after that we put one in the scrapbook for them to authorize during that time. Which’s the book that the couple get to take home.Chad: As well as it is really endless.
I indicate, we have
had individuals enter 20 times in one wedding celebration, and also they go house with 20 various pictures.Sherry: And we’re normally friends with them by the end of the night.Gail Hogan: I’m sure you are, I make sure you are. Well, you’ve spoken about the mementos, the brand-new display. What else do you’ve that’s brand-new for 2012, Chad?Chad: Well, we have plastic image frames, which you
might or might not be able to see over there. It’s a great way to improve the support. It offers the guests something to show it on like a workdesk or shelf.Sherry: Or the table at the wedding.Chad: And as we discussed the added screen, adds

an actual panache of enjoyment to the event. We additionally have exactly what we call imperial therapy where we in fact rope it off with stanchions and also a red carpeting. It just adds a feeling of sophistication especially for high end occasions. This is wedding event mo but we do all form of occasions. We do graduation events, birthday celebration events, wedding anniversary, non-profit, corporate. You call it, we do it.Gail Hogan: Senior prom Sherry stated, yeah, it’s a great senior prom

idea.Chad: Yeah, we have obtained regarding ten schools now we’re doing prom for. Gail Hogan: And a couple of celebs have actually strolled through these curtains, did not they?Chad: Oh, yeah. We have actually had plenty of neighborhood celebs, every little thing from Mr. Riker to Gordon Gee, Archie Griffin.Gail Hogan: As well as now me.Chad: And now you.Gail Hogan: Another thing though I wanted to chat with you about, since I went in your internet site, Sherry and also Chad and I saw that you additionally provide any kind of proceeds to something called Dancing Fund. Just what’s that about, Chad?Chad: Well, we
believe in returning to our Central Ohio area. And also Dance Fund is a cancer cells study fund specifically for brain cancer cells and also a part of all the earnings

that we absorb each year is donated back to that. So people, when they lease from the Columbus Photo Booth Company, they understand that any of that cash is going back to the actually good work that the investigates do at Ohio State.Gail Hogan: That’s ideal to repay to the area; quite important.Chad: Give thanks to you.Gail Hogan: So if someone whoever wishes to intend a celebration or wedding event is enjoying this, exactly how do they publication you?Chad: It’s lovely simple. Offer us a call, go to the internet site address, send the information, and we

‘ll obtain you a quote. If you wan na do it, simply fill in the rental agreement and also send a deposit, and afterwards we’ll be ready to go.Gail Hogan: You do the setup, right? They do not look after anything on their big day except program up and also have their images taken.Sherry: That’s right.Chad: Our plans are all inclusive, setup as well as tear it down, 1 or 2 individuals to be with the visitors, make sure that the devices is functioning effectively. The unrestricted images we’ll design a banner that goes on the photos when they publish out. So we can personalize that.
They merely inform us what they wan na claim, our professional designer will certainly do it.Gail Hogan: And also book now since I wager this is need. So if you recognize when your wedding is, they ought to contact you currently, right?Chad: Yeah, demand is so high that we have actually added plenty of booth store fleet. And there’s currently quite a few days in May and also June that are currently reserved, but please, offer us a phone call and we

‘ll see exactly what we have.Gail Hogan: Sherry, Chad, thank you a lot for being here.Sherry: Give thanks to you.Gail Hogan: It’s so much enjoyable, thanks.Chad: Thanks.