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We are speaking here concerning second consulting market where SAP B1 is currently applied and you are phasing phase two with custom combination, Crystal News and most likely interface modification. The advantages of web session appear as there is no charge for you to compensate for specialist travel onsite along with the solution could be provided immediately. The only requirement from your side is respectable web data transfer as well as in nowadays this is normal. Let’s review prominent solutions and their shipping choices:1. Customization configured in Microsoft Visual Workshop C# or VB with Software program Property development Kit collections. This is something that requires knowledge as well as you do not have to subject your company to programmer that is coming through finding out contour. General advice is producing user defined tables directly in SAP BO then use them as data intermediate storage space as you could feed documents to custom tables straight through SQL Stored Procedure or cursor. Next action is SDK login as well as transforming external data into documents such as Sales Orders or Invoices

2. Crystal Information design. SAP got Commercial Furnitures as well as Crystal need to be suggested for managerial reporting. From our head preferred demands are Sales Payment, Consumer Declaration, Expense of Lading as well as Job Productivity. General recommend right here is to base record on SQL View or Stored Treatment as well as do not utilize such assistance as record style wizard. We have seen situations where designer messed up CR and consumer was in pain assessing rows duplications and also improper summaries. If you as programmer examination report in SQL question then designer part is a breeze as well as you do not subject your consumer to testing pain

3. Aged Versions 2007A and also 2005A. Commercial One is fairly new gamer on the United States ERP software application market and also consulting firms are appearing on neighborhood and regional markets as mushrooms. It is challenging to anticipate that mainly all local store is familiar with historical releases no longer sustainable by SAP directly: 2005A and also 2007A. New coming professionals are trained in current variation 8.8 X. If you get on aged variation then assistance is available with across the country technical assistance call centers ran by across the country consulting companies

4. International Firms. Below you most likely do not expect specialists travel globally particularly pertaining to the suggestion to host SAP B1 on your web server positioned in the headquarters. Company One is meant numerous world languages including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean as well as Russian. It is ideal ERP solution for international firm broadening to South America, Asia, Eastern Europe or Russian Alliance and Siberia

5. Consultation. Consulting business is comparable to medical method. If you are not happy with what you family practitioner claims after that there is second opinion choice

Let’s take numerous concerns from the net

Q. Are you accredited reseller of SAP Business One?A. Yes through M2-D2 in Atlanta Georgia. In fact Andrew Karasev is ERP consulting master practicing given that 1994

Q. We are international firm with place in Pavlovskaya Sloboda to the west from Moscow. We have issues with Tax obligation Company quarter and yearly reporting. In RF we have actually concern with mandated GL chart of accounts particularly with reglamented purchases with account 20 (primary production). Is it possible to fix the issue?A. We are ready to come to you from Krasnogorsk, Moscow Area where Andrew Karasev our SAP B1 expert is living. It is difficult to vow as SAP in Moscow is working with the localization concerns. Let’s see what we have towards the end of 2012

Please call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, [email protected] We have local visibility in Chicagoland, Southern California, Atlanta Georgia, South West Michigan, Houston as well as Dallas locations of Texas. We serve consumers U.S.A and also Canada across the country as well as internationally by means of web sessions and phone conferences (Skype is welcomed). We are working on Brazilian ERP seeking advice from market in Sao Paulo considering that 2004