Small Business Web Design Gold Coast

In the scenic and most visited by tourist country of Australia, there lies the surfers paradise, Gold Coast. Considered as one of the major tourist destinations in the country due to its sunny climate with lots of beaches to surf. In fact the place has been considered as a candidate for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Tourism being one of the leading business in the city, there is no denying for the need to advertise not only locally but international as well. What better way to market ones services but through the world wide web. Also with the power of technology, it isn’t impossible to reach people everywhere. Web design companies are in for a tourist filled and thrilling surf ride in the city of Gold Coast.

How effective is your web design? Here are some guidelines that are guaranteed to work.

First thing that should be considered is the design. This has a lot of significance. Aside from it being the flagship of your business. It should be attractive enough to attract customers. Of course being attractive isn’t the be all and end all. Consider some factors. It should not be too heavy to load. Ideally it should not take more than 15 seconds to load. Remember customers don’t have a lot of time and patience to wait.

Have a clear navigation site. Once a customer is in your website you have to let them view the the whole website. Guide them properly. You will be able to do this with a clear navigation path. Be sure to put all of the important info in the correct place. Just like when you’re reading a book. The synopsis is important but it does not reveal all. One has to go through the links to find out. Your links should be functional.

Your website resolution matters. A clear website is pleasing to look at. Together with the fonts, try to keep them as professional as possible. Ideally use Arial and Verdana as your default fonts. Do not use flashing and contrasting images. Look at the design from your prospective customers prospective. You are not selling graphics, you’re selling a product in your website.

Avoid a cluttered website. Prioritize what should be placed and where it should be placed. Too many columns will mislead the customer. A standard two or three column website is ideal. What has worked before will still work now. Enhancements are intended to make it more saleable and not to deviate the prospective customers attention. White spaces are there for a purpose. Use it correctly.

Last and most importantly, always check for broken links and fix them. These links are your moneymaking machines. Your website is open 24/7. Also with the right design it is your means of communication to the world, your market. Take care of it and it will take care of the money coming in.