Small Business Web Design Glasgow

When I started school at the age of five, on my very first day I met Mary, and right away we became very firm friends. Mary and I spent seven years in Junior school together before going to grammar school when we were twelve years old.

Our friendship continued, and just as when we were in primary one, we spent a lot of out leisure time together enjoying many of the same hobbies such as swimming, films, tennis, dress making and cooking.

As time progressed both of us developed additional new friends, including those of the opposite sex, and soon Mary and I both had boy friends, and properly then spent more time with them than we did with each other.

However we always took the opportunity to spend one evening together during the week and on Sundays we went to each others house for lunch, after which we passed many pleasant hours chatting and listening to music.

When we graduated from grammar school Mary, my self and our two boy friends still remained very close, although afterwords we all went in different directions as regards our chosen vocations.

I went to college for a few years where I studied a number of European languages, including, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Mary choose not to attend any further education, but instead became a manageress in a chain of shops that sold spirits and wines. Her interest in this lead her into forming a group of wine enthusiasts.

Our friends John and Kyle studied journalism coupled with a three year coarse in writing and search engine optimization.

This meant that both men became experts in SEO which enabled them to study what companies were selling, and designed websites with relative keywords to plaice these companies in high positions on the search engines due to there web design and website optimization prowess.

All four of us were fulfilled in our work, as well as being happy in our personal lives when Kyle and I married in a join wedding service with Mary and John.

Our different types of work and the varying hours in our employments did mean that we were not able to spend as much time together as we had when we were a little younger.

One Saturday we all went for a meal in a restaurant near our homes and started to discuss ways of being together more often.

After hours of debating, we thought that it would be a delightful idea of thinking up a way in which we could all unite our talents, and make a good living out of working together.

After this evening we cowered the national and international newspapers for weeks in order to discover a good business opportunity of combining our special skills. That meant we needed to find the sort of work that it may be possible to use my knowledge of language, Mary’s of wine and John and Kyle’s of web design and search engine optimization.

In a Sunday press advert, we noticed a business that would unite all our individual skills as this related to a small vineyard that was for sale in the French region of Provence.

This would utilize my French, Mary’s ability with wine, and the two men’s strength in web design and search engine optimization.

We bought the vine yard and the four bed roomed house that went with it, and four months after seeing the business advertised, we found our selves in this gorgeous area of Europe.

We are now so grateful that we live in a gentle and sunny region where we make our living by doing what we enjoy most.

The business is now thriving, and to a great extent this is because of the wonderful and colourful website that John and Kyle have designed, coupled with good SEO techniques that have placed our keywords such as ” French Wines, Wines from France”, etc. on the first page of the search engines.

Any one wishing to start a company in their own country or abroad can do the same thing that we did, and that is to have a good and interesting website thanks to web design and SEO.