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New York Web Design Company Tips – If Your Website is NOT Getting Found Online Chances are it is NOT Optimized with KEYWORDS that Your Target Market is Using Online to Find Businesses Like Yours. You see when your website is designed and built, there are necessary steps that must be taken in order for your website to be found online. These steps are referred to as On page optimization, the first step in the Search Engine Optimization process. Many websites often fall prey to this problem, when the most focus is placed on simply getting a nice website and less focus is placed on marketing the website.

However, this problem can easily be fixed even after the website is designed and built by your New York Web Design Company. The first step is to evaluate whether your website has fallen prey to this problem and take the necessary steps to rectify it.

To be certain that Your Website is Optimized to Get Found Online:

  • Go to Your Website Right Now, and at the Very Top, Pay Attention to What Words Are There. If it has the name of the page e.g. Home, About Us, Services Only, then YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT OPTIMIZED TO Get Found Online
  • If it has just the name of your business then YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT OPTIMIZED TO Get Found Online
  • If it says untitled , then YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT OPTIMIZED TO Get Found Online

If you are hoping to get new business from your website then you must FIX THIS PROBLEM RIGHT AWAY, BECAUSE IT COULD BE COSTING YOU BUSINESS


  1. The first step is performing keyword research using a general keyword that describes your business utilizing Google keywords tool. For example web design would be the general keyword for a web design company, the goal is to get as specific as possible, so a keyword adding the city or state where you are located, will be more relevant to your business, for example New York Web Design Company
  2. The second step is narrowing the list to the most qualified keywords i.e the keywords that you are more likely to show up for and the one that is most relevant for your business, but also gets a reasonable amount of searches. You do not need to optimize for the most searched keywords if they are highly competitive. Google Keywords tool tells you the competition level based on high, medium and low. Naturally, you need the least competition possible.
  3. You need to use the keywords that you have selected as the best keywords to optimize for and place them strategically on your website page in places such as the page title tags, the page headlines, the meta tags and throughout your website page content
  4. Once you have successfully performed steps 1 to 3, you need to then resubmit your website to search engines so that your website can be re-indexed and ranked for those keywords

If you would like to Get Found Online and Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website and You’re Not sure if your website is optimized you can always contact a local New York Web Design Company that offers Website Evaluations to get a report on whether or not this problem exists with your website