Small Business Web Design Blog

These following web design tips should give you a head start on your next web project.

Upper Left Hand Corner

Always put your business logo on the upper left hand corner. Especially for English speaking customers, the upper left hand corner is the most valuable space. People have been conditioned to read from top left to bottom right and it’s no different with web sites.

Just as computer applications put the most valuable command, the File command, on the upper left hand corner, you should also put the most valuable thing, your logo, there as well.


Some users find small links hard to click on so you should make your links consist of more than one word. Also, don’t make your cascading menu options too close to each other for the same reason.

More Above The Fold

The term above the fold refers to newspaper stories that are printed on the top half, above the crease usually made. These stories were always the most important stories.

The same applies to web design, only above the fold means the portion of the screen that the user can see without scrolling. Our third web design tip is to put the more valuable information above the web design fold because it gets seen more typically than information below it.

Separate Layout From Interface

Before starting on your homepage, build a few graphic layouts and place them in a powerpoint slide. Doing this will make browsing more convenient, before finally choosing a layout.

When doing this, don’t worry about the interface. First choose a theme/graphics layout, and then worry about the interface.