Small Business Web Design Birmingham

More and more companies are now turning to the world-wide-web as a way to develop and promote their business and products. However competition is massive and you really have to think about the design of your website if you want to get noticed. A web design company can help you construct a website that will show your products and services off to their best advantage and ensure you stand out from other similar sites.

There are a few essentials you need to find out before selecting a web design company to help with your design. First of all ask to view other sites they have produced and this will give you a feel for what they do and if it is to your liking. Most companies do offer a portfolio of their past work to show clients, as well as giving you an idea of their style it can help you decide if their ideas are in tune with yours. Always ask to view samples of a web design company’s previous work before signing them up to build your website.

It’s important you find out how much the website is going to cost you in total, also ask for the costs to be broken down so you can view where your money is going. You will probably have a budget to keep to and you need to know how much money is needed before any work is done and set it aside. Make sure you are very clear on what exactly the price covers, any companies offer a follow-up consultation or help-line in their price whilst others will just present you with a complete design and that will be it.

Always ask for an estimation as to when you can expect the website to be completed as this is useful to know beforehand for your own deadlines, also getting online as quickly as possible will mean you are able to reach a worldwide audience, and prevent you from getting frustrated if you think the site is taking far long than it should.

It’s a good idea to obtain references, this could be from friends and acquaintances that have used their services before, or, in any cases, the web design company will provide references vouching for their professional behavior and great product.

Find a company that is established and has a good customer base as they will also have lots of previous experience in different kinds of websites. Customer service is just as important, if you are paying a lot of money to have your web site designed then you want helpful advice and info and be able to get in touch with the company by email or telephone without long delays. A company that doesn’t get around to replying to emails for 3 or 4 days probably will not be in a rush to have your website finished in good time either.

A website designer should be able to offer you the best in content management systems, ecommerce solutions and online marketing strategies such as Joomla, VirtueMart, Moodle, Campaign Monitor and Google Analytics. As well as listening to what you want to achieve from your website they should also have a valuable input in meeting your requirements. The completed website should be interactive and include any of the latest features such as pod casting, Flash video, blogs, forums, event management, community and social networking services, user login and user profiles, galleries, email marketing, real time chat, payment systems and shopping carts. Whatever look you are hoping for, the end result should be a collaboration between you and the company you choose.

Make your website work for your target audience by choosing an experienced web design companies who use Joomla UK and offer a professional service at affordable prices.