Small Business Web Design Birmingham

What is web designing?

Web designing is nothing but designing the pages to fit in the website according to requirements of clients and AJ Kendall is one such web design Liverpool firm. One of the biggest markets in the world for online trading and activities is UK, hence it all but natural that web designers and web design firms and companies will thrive and set up business to benefit from the demand. One may find web designers and developers as well as web design and development companies in all parts of the country especially in areas like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool etc to cater to the demand. Web designers are also called web authors. They formulate and design the pages by using programming techniques and web design software to create a new website. They also do enhancing of existing websites to suit changing conditions and state of the website owner. A web designer is knowledgeable in concepts of front end i.e. how the website looks like on the screen and back end systems i.e. how the site works. A good web designer is not only proficient in the techniques of creation but also has lots of creative skills with innovative ideas.


The web designer first sits with the client to discuss all minute details for the web design of the site primarily of its purpose. And then find out his requirements on what the site should suppose to do. The site could be for educational purpose or a commercial one to sell goods or services etc. Therefore, a good designer would need to have clear understanding of the purpose of the site and requirements thereof.

Client’s role:

Web designer needs regular consultations with the client to decide on how the website is to be structured. These consultations would on the size of the text or content, font size and style, color combinations, size and style of command keys and their positioning, hyperlinks and backgrounds of pages. Other features like graphics, sound, animations, search options, order forms, surveys are included on the requirements and options of the client. Some clients would have security features also.

Designer’s job:

A designer will first work out a draft version of the site utilizing general and specialized software, web coding and formatting skills i.e. Hyper Text Mark-up Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Extensible Mark-up Language for better control on the site’s appearance and operation. After draft version is readied then designer sits with the client for possible additions and omissions for testing and refinement.

Final product:

Continuous testing and refinements with client, designer gets approval for launching. When the site is complete, designer carries out number of checks on the finished product to ascertain its functionality with all the requirements of client. When the client gives nod and agreement then the designer uploads the designed site to a server for live publication on the net. Some clients hire the designers to maintain the web after its live launching.
Skills needed in a designer:

Following skills and techniques are needed to make one a web designer.
A strong aptitude and flair for web designing
Internet programming and scripting languages
Knowledge in design software
Analytical with logic of reasoning and problem solving ability
Possess interactive skills to explain technical matters
Awareness on all national and international guidelines on website standards
Possess Peripheral knowledge on photo and video gear, digital audio and scanners etc.


There are number of good designers doing web design liverpool. A search on Internet and you will find what is needed to find a good one. For aspirants in web designing, there are many prominent Institutions in Liverpool which teach web designing courses.