Small Business Web Design Articles

When you have an online business, it is important that you hire a Calgary web design company that places a premium on web design that works. There are too many sites that are floating around the internet that are not getting noticed. This is because they contain too many flashy graphics and have a site interface that makes it difficult for people to access. As an online business proprietor, you do not need to experience this. What you need are visitors who will keep coming back to your site simply because it is easy to access and the written content is well researched.

The first thing you should ask when going for Calgary web design is site navigation. Unless your website consists of just one page, you will need to have clear link buttons that tell your site visitors where they need to click next should they wish to keep on reading or where they could go to find more information. In web design, this is known as usability. You do not need to make it harder for them to go from one page to another. If this happens, then they will go to the next available website where they can get the info they need.

Consistency is the next thing to look for when hiring a Calgary web design company. This pertains to a lot of things in basic web design work. For example, the color of your background should always be the same. If your website pages have different background colors, then your visitors might not know that they are still viewing a page that is a part of your website. You also need the design company you hire to be consistent with the use of your company logo. Branding is very important for any business and your logo should always be visible.

Following this, Calgary web design should have a copy that is concise and to the point. When people search your website for information, they need to get exactly what they came for. In this case, articles on your site should not exceed a thousand words. The only exemption to this rule would be articles that are written for the academe. A good design firm will often come up with well-written articles that contain bullet points to highlight important bits of information.

Last, the Calgary web design company you hire should keep many things simple. There should not be fancy graphics, pop-ups, and sound elements that distract visitors from what it is you are promoting or selling. It is alright to have these on a personal website but not if you are a company doing business online. Avoid going for a varied mix of colors and designs in your web design or it will turn customers away.

Getting people to give you their business is easy when you follow these Calgary web design principles. Do not stray far from what has already been tried and tested and you will come away with a website that will last a long time.