Small Business Custom Web Design

Custom web design plus cheap web design must yield cheap, custom web design right? However, when you search custom web design they do not seem to be talking about cheap web design at all. In fact, page after page of the first 100 websites that come up for the Google search “custom web design” either just do not quote prices, which in my experience is never a sign that you should expect to find truly affordable prices, or they begin defending how “affordable” their prices are relative to all of the work, or the value of the site to your business or relative to anything whatsoever other than the price.

It seems, as soon as you ask for custom web design, cheap web design is no longer available, and vice versa. Perhaps this simply means when you’re talking about custom web design you’re entitled to use the words affordable web design or affordable web design rather than sounding “cheap.” It does seem fair that doing custom web design gets you any advantage as to how you describe yourself. But the central question still remains: is there such an animal as cheap custom web design?

Well, every thing is relative, as they say, but in this case you’re going to need an actual relative, and probably a close one, because it is simmering hard to find actual cheap custom web design on the net. In fact if you type cheap custom web design into Google search, only two of the first twenty websites listed address actual prices in either their title tag or description. One of these highlights a $500 custom web design and the other boasts a $480 custom website design. Neither one sounds terrible. In fact both could very well be referred to as cheap. So, either of these two might be a place to start.

The other sites on the pages either separate the terms in their descriptions, suggesting these are mutually exclusive terms and do not go together or they add the term template which means they’re not talking about a custom website but a template site that may be modified or customized in any manner. The only remaining sites which combine the terms cheap web design and custom web design are either based out of the country or admit to outsourcing the design.

So can you find cheap custom websites online? We think so. However, you’ve to be willing to do your homework quite extensively in order to get to those few cheap custom web designers who might qualify. Further, your homework does not stop when you find someone who says they do cheap custom web design. You then need to check references, look at examples of these cheap sites to see if they’re still quality sites.

You should get a thorough commitment as to the web work to be provided to you. You should ask all of your questions and fully understand what you’re getting, even before putting up a deposit. Nothing can turn cheap custom web design into high-priced web design faster than having to fire your first choice and begin looking all over again for that elusive cheap custom website design.