Design A Small Business Website

If you’re running a design business but you’re only using online resources and the internet to market and advertise, then you’re seriously missing out on other opportunities to pull in likely customers. You should really be looking towards offline marketing for your design business as well because even though it’s the 21st Century not everyone has access to the internet at home and though an online portfolio can show off your work well, nothing is more impressive for a customer than seeing tangible examples of your design work. The three main ways of marketing your business offline we’ll be discussing this guide are post cards, brochures and business cards.

Firstly why not try marketing through post cards? They’re very simple to distribute and extremely cheap to buy and make, you can use the front of a post card to show off your designing skill with expert photography or professional graphic skills. Post cards might be easily sent out using an address directory or buy just walking around your local area posting them in all house you come across.

This is a form of mass marketing, a scatter gun approach so you’ll need to post hundreds of post cards to see any sort of effect. This method of advertising works well because it’s very cheap all around and it creates a personal touch between business and customer as you’ll have created all single post card yourself, maybe even hand write them all to add that extra touch.

Next, you could try using brochures. Brochures aren’t as limited as post cards as you can include more info than you’d be able to on two sides of a small piece of card. Brochures might be like a small paper version of your website as it you can put design work samples in, info about you, customer feedback, contact info and a list of qualifications and skills you have to offer.

The only real downside of a brochure is cost but though it may be more expensive than a post card it does look more professional, you can also use them for absolutely everything from sending to people’s houses to business events.

In sum, why not try advertising your design business through business cards? Of the three offline marketing options, business cards are the cheapest and easiest to store. Business cards are limited to purely contact info but you can create custom design backgrounds for your business cards make them stand out and show off your design acumen. You can put some in your wallet to hand to people as you’re on the move, you can leave a pile at business events for people to pick or you could even use them like post cards and post them around your local area.