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Today, there are Millions websites owned by individuals or organizations.

As popular as the Internet is today, a website is a perfect platform to share your information, experiences and etc… with the world. 

But your effort will be useless if you can’t create a proper website.

Although you may have the basic skills to build a website, you must look for experience and quality service if you want to create a killer site.

We recommend Cyber Innovation located in Cedar Rapids and Marion Iowa… but their team is distributed around the world!

Why hire a professional?website design quote request

There are many people and organizations that offer website designing services, heck you could probably hire a high school or college kid but..

How much experience do they bring to your website?

You have to consider some points before making a decision and the most important thing is the design of your website.

It have to be eye-catching, but not eye-aching.

It’s better to choose the design according to the content of your site.

When it comes to, they offer you a chance to decide the design of your website if you want.

If you have the design in your mind and you just need a web designer, the team at Cyber Innovation will be perfect for you.

Anyway, always remember that the appearance of your website also help to catch readers.

Website Design – Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to website design and development services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a great roll.

If you want better results, you site should have a great traffic. Visitors will ensure that your site performs well.

More and more everyday, people are searching for information through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

You want your page(s) to be on the first page or no one will find you!

The SEO Services team at can place your website on the first page of the search engines.

How can they be so confident? They understand “organic search engine optimization” and avoid spammy back links that can negatively affect your website!

Is your website mobile ready?mobile-responsive-web-design

As more and more people connect to the Internet via their tablets or smartphones, it’s better if they can access your site through those devices without problems. offers this option and their web designs support any mobile device. Thus, people may read your site as they are reading it on a computer.

When your are searching for web design and development services, always check their previous work or portfolio.

Then you can decide whether they will be suitable or not.

You can find qualified and experienced designers at an affordable price and you can contact them and describe your needs. As many services have their own blog, you will be able to find the reviews of the other customers there.

Always remember that you will miss the great chances to share your information with the world due to a poor website.

Thus, maximize your opportunities with a killer website.

WordPress Website Design in Cedar Rapids Marion Iowa

Custom Website Design Small Business

Affordable uk website design company are all what all businesses are now looking for. If you are also one among these business owners, then you would be just amazed to know about the availability of so many budget web design services in your city. The web design industry is now one of the busiest ones in the lot and the good thing about it is that it has something to offer to everyone at really inexpensive rates. Now, it is needless to mention once again about the advantage of having one’s on the web business presence is not it! If you are wise enough and you know how to target your prospective clients so as to see future yielding dividends for you, then you might have already made up your mind to opt for the best low cost website design packages for you! If not, you have not missed out on anything that is crucial. The present day web design scene is full of so many professional web design services agencies for which clients satisfaction has always been the top priority. That’s the reason, you are bound to enjoy quality services for all your web based endeavors, no matter which area you focus in.

If you would have been doing your business thirty years back from now, then newspaper and billboard ads would have just been adequate for you to promote your products or services. But the marketing world has gone a sea chance now at the behest of the highly competitive business world. And so today, there are various effective business promotional activities available for you through medium like that of the internet. The world wide web lets you promote your stuffs in front of the larger chunk of the community in real time. As such, your percentile of business success has also got a definite boost, if not more.

If you have understood all the positives of web business promotion, then the first thing you should do is to have your website designed under the assistance of a professional web design services firm. Such a firm also offers you the advantage of having custom website design services so as to meet your personalized business goals.

Small Business Web Design Nj

While creating a website mistakes are typically committed yet learning some mistakes and identifying the points to rectify will greatly help you to avoid making mistakes when creating your own small business web design.
No objectives
Creating a website without the presence of strong objectives and goals is the first big mistake. Doing this can make you end up losing your customers and your investments for your project. Getting the right definition of your aims, objectives and purpose will pave you on the right track to make a start with clarity and dedication.
Weak planning
Weak planning can be an obstacle for the failure of a business, this can make the functioning of each department in a company to be unorganized and unprofessional in producing a fruitful work. Systematic planning is very much advisable, making the plan which will align with the identity and according to the needs of your online business will surely help your business lift up to about 90% in overall development. It’s like getting the map towards your targeted destination.
Obstructed and Complex design
I would like to mainly pressure on this particular point. It is very much advisable not to create a website design that is very complicated and obstructed. This will drive away your customers instead of driving traffic towards your website. This is vital mistake which a web designer typically committed. Making your page design simple, attractive, visible, easy to use and understandable are the foundation for your website to out stand among your competitors.
Avoid long content
This is a point to be noted. Nobody wants to read a long paragraph, visitors typically get bored and disinterested to read through overloaded content. This long dissertation like paragraphs will make your customer to back off and go for another sites. So, it is more wise to use a content which is easily comprehensible, interesting, significant and shorter in sentences. Please make sure the content is organized and fonts are simple, uniform and visible.
Flash Introductions
Avoid using flash in excess, as this will bring hindrance for search engine optimization. It typically turns out to be a barrier between a customer and the information for which is searching. Therefore, it is better to make sure that the light and the visual effect selected is adequate, proper and attractive. This will help your website to get a good number of preferences from your visitors.
No option for Automatic Sound or Videos
There are some customers who are not preferred to listen or view to automated audio or video, since they get irritated by listening or watching to it and surfing at the same time. It is always wise to provide the option to view or listen like a turn off button, so that visitors can make their choices according to their wishes. These further garnish your netiquette in maintaining website’s intended functions.
Hence, by learning these clearly mentioned mistakes which are typically committed, now you can step ahead in creating a good small business web design with confidence and hope. Though, mistakes happen often, but by studying intelligently and able to rectify the weak points you can surely make your online business get prosperous and overcome any shortcoming.

Best Website Design Companies For Small Business

A website is a face of the company. It plays an important role in determining the business prospects and generating sales leads. If the website design Birmingham is good, it will leave an ever lasting impression on the visitors who will like to visit the site again and buy/avail the goods or services offered by it.

Business owners must therefore be extra cautious when it comes to website designing. It is necessary to design a website that looks attractive and beautiful. The underlying reason behind it is that people are attracted to things of beauty. A careful combination and use of colours, graphics, images, and other website design Birmingham tools results in an impressive web design Birmingham.

However, one must avoid using too many design features and tools as it can make the web site look cluttered and over-crowded. Professional website designs Birmingham look neat and clean. Their beauty lies in their simplicity.

A good web site design Birmingham clearly conveys what it stands for. It complements the theme and nature of its business. For instance, if the website sells home decor items, the images, graphics, sound effects, use of flash, and written text makes the visitors feel as if they are in a virtual home dcor store.

User interface is an equally important feature of a good website design Birmingham. Good web designs allow web users to navigate through the web pages in a smooth and hassle-free manner. They include proper site maps, buttons, and links to direct the web users from one web page to the other. Further, a user interface web design is quick to download. It ensures that it doesn’t lose any potential customers due to website that is unusually slow or difficult to load.

Some other points that one must keep in mind when designing his/her website are using clean coding, keeping the size of flash files small, adding images and graphics in GIF format, and optimising a website for search engines.

In order to help online business owners in Birmingham design and develop good websites, several website design companies in Birmingham have come up. Web design Birmingham companies have qualified web designers who know how to create effective and efficient website designs for their clients. From designing simple brochure websites to e-commerce web designs, they have expertise to handle everything.

Those of you who wish to avail professional web design services in Birmingham, may visit BeVivid Internet Consultants. We offer the best web design services and SEO services in Birmingham.

How To Design Small Business Website

Web designing is the integral part and plays a very vital role in a functioning and looks of the website. Without a good web design a website will never progress as users always search for a website which is user friendly and simple to read and understand. Web design and web Development Company providing offshore software development to SME’s – a reliable Indian software outsourcing partner with excellence in custom website design php programming, SEO and maintenance, all under the same roof. As a full blown Website Design Company USA we specialize in high traffic website development, with integrated marketing that helps to optimize business processes for maximum efficiency and galvanize your IT infrastructure to be resilient and robust and an edge over competitors. Website Design Company or a website development company that understands search engine optimization to use the world-wide-web to promote your business website. The search engines tends to change its indexing rules and behaviors tend frequently, so optimization techniques that work wonders one day might be completely ineffective one day. Even in this ever-changing atmosphere at least the relationship between search engine robots and website design will always remain constant.
Web designing involves the work of web designers who create simmering and amazing designs which is based on a specific theme. We use latest versions of the state of the art tools for developing highly optimized Graphics for the web. This includes both image graphics and Flash animations. Website designing companies in USA has emerged to provide designing services to both small and medium scale businesses. At Aglobetech we create websites ranging from simple logo, to complex interactive and dynamic applications. Good look and feel is important for a website and in order to do give our client that level of work we have skilled web developers and designers who stick strictly to impressions in order to produce the best outcome. They have the proficiency to fully understand your website requirement and the importance of seamless communication for the luck of the project. They are very responsive and are willing to discuss project details The professionals in website designing can only be created by professional designers who have great hand in designing of the website.
Web Development Company we have a knowledgeable team of professional website designers who are capable to design professional and user friendly websites. That is a reason why, we get back our 80% customers. Our professionals are experienced to generate coding, designing and for development. This Website Design and Development Company provides a wide array of services to our client base. Our motto is to do web development with continuously providing fanatical support forever. If you are serious about your web success,
Professional web Design Company that would help to create dynamic yet firm web presence so that you don’t lose the visibility in the major search engines. Hiring someone to design your website is probably the most professional decision and you should be wise enough to hire a professional web design company. So, are you looking for a professional web design company, and then here is Aglobetech a thriving website design and development company which will provide you with customized and creative web solutions. Our work is well designed and it adheres to the industry standards. Scalability and quality assurance are the areas we focus.

Small Business Website Design Inspiration

A few days ago, my business partner was researching any professional organisations for us to join. Being the website expert that he is, he did not only look at what the various associations had to offer in terms of membership benefits, professionalism and value for money: he also wanted to know how good the websites were at promoting the industry and giving the members a world wide web exposure. He made any interesting discoveries.

It seems that not many website owners are aware that it is not the beautiful appearance, the flashing images or the chosen colour scheme that does the trick. Thousands are spent on gimmicks and are more or less wasted because only a few stranded surfers ever discover their hidden island in the endless sea of sites.

When a web surfer does hit the shores of these deceptively beautiful net islands, it doesn’t take him or her long to discover that the beauty is only on the surface and the contents resemble a large bill board with nothing on the other side. Advertising, hard sell self-promotion, but not much genuine information, let alone inspiration.

Now, Dan is a kind guy whoever is passionate about the work he does and when he found a good organisation with a lousy website, he offered his support. Caringly, gently and in a professional and honest way.

He pointed out any apparent flaws and invited them to have a chat to find out whether he could do something for them and find a way of working together. There was no hard sell, no jargon just an honest desire to do something to help all concerned. To me, that seems like a wonderfully caring, ethical way to do business, but not everyone thinks that way.

The response he got came out of a box. A ‘thinking box’; you know the kind where it is dark inside with no room for new ideas; the box that has held the same old beliefs, responses and attitudes for years. And the standard response that was pulled out of this old carton showed that the sender hadn’t for a moment understood what Dan’s invitation was about.

This person just read what they thought was a sales pitch. They couldn’t think outside of the box” for long enough to find out whether the suggestions for improvement Dan suggested were genuine. Their mindset was so focused on being the expert, the boss and ‘that’s how we have done it for all these years’… that the box was not open long enough to let in the ray of light. However, they did ask, in a beautiful rude and aggressive way, ‘what is it you’re really selling?’

It would have been easy to be annoyed about being misunderstood, but Dan is convinced of what he has to offer, so he has made one more attempt to explain what really makes a successful website. Here’s a little part of what he has to say:

It is simple really having a beautiful web site without any visitors is a huge waste of money and time. And yet most businesses continue to pay designers to create these expensive sites, with no understanding of how to attract visitors. Which is probably why 95% of net businesses go bust.

This particular company needed a large, active membership something they certainly will not achieve with their current web site. Getting visitors to a web site is an art and a science. It is not only about getting a high ranking with the search engines (though that’s important too, and part of what I do for people). It is about providing your audience with wonderful helpful information. It is about giving them a reason to return to your site. And most importantly, it is about letting them know that you exist in the first place.”

We believe that if any business is to be successful in the long run, it needs a well planned web presence. But more than that, the people whoever run corporations need to work from the heart at least as much as from the head.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer, the American philosopher, psychologist and author says, if you first have the underlying attitude of ‘how can I serve?’ and only then, ‘what’s in it for me?’ you can create business relationships based on trust, inspiration and working for luck together. We don’t have to perpetuate the cut-throat, hard sell, soulless money-making that is responsible for so much stress, depression and misery.

We’ve found that this approach sometimes falls on deaf ears. But it is all the more enjoyable and successful when we find business partners whoever need to work from the heart and think outside of the box. It is all about attitude. So, are you open to new ideas, new ways of working, and new ways to succeed? So, are you willing to admit the that’s it is possible to enjoy work and earn a living? It CAN be done!

Small Business Web Design And Development

Enigma Web Design: Simplifying Web Design development And Seo

Its a real fact that todays world snatch the web users immediate attention hence to hold their short attention period, your site requires a lot more; which is why at Enigma Web Design we leave no stone unturned in making your presence felt on the web. We offer high quality, on time delivery to our clients, and provide a business solution which will help your website appeal to your target audience.

And so today where your business presence is controlled by the net hence your websites ranking and traffic certainly hold more sway over your blood pressure than any prescription drugs. In a world so dependent on the net it isn’t possible to ignore the immense potential of web design, web development, SEO, and net marketing in strengthening your online portfolio.

We understand this and use a varied range of services such as web site design, web development services, and state of the art online marketing services to set up, build, nurture, and make your website grow. Innovative vision, transparent responses, prompt delivery, and flexible working hours allow Enigma Web Design to position itself as one of the best value web design firms Lancashire

Our main services are

Web Design

Web Development

Content Optimization

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Directory Submission Services

Article Submission Services

Link Building Services

Keywords Research & Meta Tags

Local SEO Optimization

Enigma Web Design is based in Preston, Lancashire. In addition to the Central Lancashire area we cover Blackpool, Burnley, Blackburn, Manchester, and the wider North West

Joe Haworth heads up Enigma Web Design, and might be contacted by visting his site

Website Design Adelaide Small Business

In the world of internet website marketing you can find some of the most modern means of marketing and selling services and products. If you are an online marketer, you surely would wish to explore all the possibilities you have so that you can achieve all your goals. In terms of website design, you actually know that there are so many ways of actually setting up a website, some of them are even offered for free and for some, you have to put up a fee. But the question is whether these web sites are good quality enough to look professional and generate leads for your business. If you would like to ensure that you have an optimized and efficient website, your best option will be to hire a company for website design in Adelaide. While searching for the best firm, here are some of the questions you would have to ask yourself before choosing the right company to hire.

-Can they clearly show you some of the sites they have developed in the past? It is essential that you get the chance to see what their completed product appears like. It is not enough that they show you their profile on paper; you have to see for yourself if they are capable of making websites that are not just attractive but also simple to navigate.

-Is the website design in Adelaide that you are thinking about hiring asking a lot of queries about you and your business? The amount of curiosity they have about you is a simple reflection of how dedicated they can be in trying to suit all your needs. There is actually absolutely no way that a service provider can satisfy you without them knowing well what your needs are.

-Are they responding to your emails or phone calls immediately? How well and prompt they reply to you can actually tell you a lot about how well structured the business is. They need to know who needs to deal with clients’ concerns. A well organized company is very likely to be one that’s professional in dealing with their clients. You would need a website design company that will continually be available when you need them.

-Are they sincere and open to you concerning the charges you should pay for their services? There are several web design companies that can hide particular costs and charges when first dealing with you. So at first, clients would believe that they were given a really great deal, until finally they get surprised with how much they are charged in the end. Always keep in mind that before you even sign a contract with the website design in Adelaide that you picked, you should have been clear about all of the fees that will be charged to you in the future. Never enter an agreement or commitment with out a clear understanding of the costs and rates beforehand.

Small Business Web Design Birmingham

What is web designing?

Web designing is nothing but designing the pages to fit in the website according to requirements of clients and AJ Kendall is one such web design Liverpool firm. One of the biggest markets in the world for online trading and activities is UK, hence it all but natural that web designers and web design firms and companies will thrive and set up business to benefit from the demand. One may find web designers and developers as well as web design and development companies in all parts of the country especially in areas like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool etc to cater to the demand. Web designers are also called web authors. They formulate and design the pages by using programming techniques and web design software to create a new website. They also do enhancing of existing websites to suit changing conditions and state of the website owner. A web designer is knowledgeable in concepts of front end i.e. how the website looks like on the screen and back end systems i.e. how the site works. A good web designer is not only proficient in the techniques of creation but also has lots of creative skills with innovative ideas.


The web designer first sits with the client to discuss all minute details for the web design of the site primarily of its purpose. And then find out his requirements on what the site should suppose to do. The site could be for educational purpose or a commercial one to sell goods or services etc. Therefore, a good designer would need to have clear understanding of the purpose of the site and requirements thereof.

Client’s role:

Web designer needs regular consultations with the client to decide on how the website is to be structured. These consultations would on the size of the text or content, font size and style, color combinations, size and style of command keys and their positioning, hyperlinks and backgrounds of pages. Other features like graphics, sound, animations, search options, order forms, surveys are included on the requirements and options of the client. Some clients would have security features also.

Designer’s job:

A designer will first work out a draft version of the site utilizing general and specialized software, web coding and formatting skills i.e. Hyper Text Mark-up Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Extensible Mark-up Language for better control on the site’s appearance and operation. After draft version is readied then designer sits with the client for possible additions and omissions for testing and refinement.

Final product:

Continuous testing and refinements with client, designer gets approval for launching. When the site is complete, designer carries out number of checks on the finished product to ascertain its functionality with all the requirements of client. When the client gives nod and agreement then the designer uploads the designed site to a server for live publication on the net. Some clients hire the designers to maintain the web after its live launching.
Skills needed in a designer:

Following skills and techniques are needed to make one a web designer.
A strong aptitude and flair for web designing
Internet programming and scripting languages
Knowledge in design software
Analytical with logic of reasoning and problem solving ability
Possess interactive skills to explain technical matters
Awareness on all national and international guidelines on website standards
Possess Peripheral knowledge on photo and video gear, digital audio and scanners etc.


There are number of good designers doing web design liverpool. A search on Internet and you will find what is needed to find a good one. For aspirants in web designing, there are many prominent Institutions in Liverpool which teach web designing courses.

Small Business Custom Web Design

This new package is aimed directly at small businesses and start-ups that are looking for high quality marketing and branding, but only have a limited budget to work with. Enabling payment via interest-free monthly payment plans makes it inexpensive for small businesses to create impressive brands and drive up sales using leading ROI and best practice strategies and take advantage of cost-effective online marketing services.

Chantilly, VA (PRWEB) October 15, 2009 — ImageWorks Studio, a custom web design and branding firm, announces their new Small Business Branding and Web Design Package, designed to provide small businesses with the high quality marketing and branding tools they need, paid for and an inexpensive interest-free monthly payment plan.

Enabling small businesses to build a solid marketing foundation and increase brand equity, this new service allows owners and operators to create impressive brands and drive up sales using leading ROI and best practice strategies. ImageWorks has packaged over $20,000 worth of services, such as Custom web design, logo design, an email marketing template, blog design, sales kit design, and more. Togther, these services have been generously discounted and may be paid for and an inexpensive interest-free monthly payment plan.

“Our goal is to help small businesses succeed in today’s economy. We feel so strongly that a powerful, professionally-produced brand can lead to measurable increase in sales and brand equity, that we’re willing to finance our clients’ brand building efforts for 12 months, completely interest-free,” explains Scott C. Margenau, President and Founder of ImageWorks..

Marketing in a Recession: To spend or not to spend? New Small Business Marketing Package from ImageWorks Start at just $895/month. It is no secret that marketing budgets are shrinking up in this economy. The problems is, slicing back on marketing results in further diminishing sales at a time when sales are most needed. Marketing experts preach that a slow economy is the exact right time for companies to spend on marketing in order to gain market share from their competitors whoever are pulling back their own spending.

For a company to cease their marketing program in a slow economy is like deciding to stop putting gas in your car,” says ImageWorks Founder Scott C. Margenau, “it just doesn’t make any sense. We know that money is tight, but the same as your car needs gas to run, your company needs marketing to succeed. Now is the time to reach your market through new media, which is inexpensive and it works. We are making it possible for companies to follow this advice.”

About ImageWorks’ Small Business Marketing and Web Design Package:
Web design company of ImageWorks has selected some of their most desirable branding and marketing services and combined them into one unique package. The total cost represents a saving of over 30% and the package may be purchase through an interest-free 12-month monthly payment option.

The company hopes to help its customers by allowing them to have a first class brand image reinforced with marketing strategies that work in today’s fast paced online environment — without having to spend a crucial amount of money upfront.

By taking advantage of the services offer in our Small Business Package, customers will show up on line, in social media, in searches, via email, and through advertisements with a value-oriented customer-centric messaging. Here is a brief overview of some of the services included in the Small Business Marketing & Branding Package:

Depending on the package a customer selects, monthly payments start at just $895 per month for 12 months. There are no renewals and no hidden costs. ‘

Small Business Website Design Services

Business: Website Design Mistakes

This is a list of the top-ten mistakes we recognize in websites today. This order is just a listing, no one is more important than the next.
Scrolling Text, Marquees, and Constantly Running Animations
Never include page elements that move incessantly. Moving images have an overpowering effect on the human peripheral vision. A web page should not emulate Times Square in New York City in its constant attack on the human senses: give your user any peace and quiet to actually read the text!
Long Scrolling Pages
Only 10% of users scroll beyond the information that is visible on the screen when a page comes up. All critical content and navigation options should be on the top part of the page.
Overly Long Download Times
I am placing this issue last because most people already know about it; not because it is the least important. Traditional human factors guidelines indicate 10 seconds as the maximum response time before users lose interest. On the web, users have been trained to endure so much suffering that it may be acceptable to increase this limit to 15 seconds for a few pages.
Even websites with high-end users need to consider download times: many B2B customers access websites from home computers in the evening because they are too busy to surf the Web during working hours.
Complex URLs
Even though machine-level addressing like the URL should never have been exposed in the user interface, it is there and we have found that users actually try to decode the URLs of pages to infer the structure of web sites. Users do this because of the horrifying lack of support for navigation and sense of location in current web browsers. Thus, a URL should contain human-readable directory and file names that reflect the nature of the information space.
Also, users sometimes need to type in a URL, so try to minimize the risk of typos by using short names with all lower-case characters and no special characters (many people don’t know how to type a ~).
Using Frames
Splitting a page into frames is very confusing for users since frames break the fundamental user model of the web page. All of a sudden, you cannot bookmark the current page and return to it (the bookmark points to another version of the frameset), URLs stop working, and printouts become difficult. Even worse, the predictability of user actions goes out the door: who knows what information will appear where when you click on a link?
Lack of Navigation Support
Don’t assume that users know as much about your site as you do. They always have difficulty finding information, so they need support in the form of a strong sense of structure and place. Start your design with a good understanding of the structure of the information space and communicate this structure explicitly to the user. Provide a site map and let users know where they are and where they can go. Also, you will need a good search feature since even the best navigation support will never be enough.
Orphan Pages
Make sure that all pages include a clear indication of what web site they belong to since users may access pages directly without coming in through your home page. For the same reason, every page should have a link up to your home page as well as any indication of where they fit in the structure of your information space.
N-dimensional since it is mostly better to produce 2-dimensional overviews that fit with the actual display and input hardware available to the user.
Non-Standard Link Colors
Links to pages that have not been seen by the user are blue; links to previously seen pages are purple or red. Don’t mess with these colors since the ability to understand what links have been followed is one of the few navigational aids that is standard in most web browsers. Consistency is key to teaching users what the link colors mean.
Gratuitous Use of Bleeding-Edge Technology
Don’t try to attract users to your site by bragging about use of the latest web technology. You may attract a few nerds, but mainstream users will care more about useful content and your ability to offer good customer service. Using the latest and greatest before it is even out of beta is a sure way to discourage users: if their system crashes while visiting your site, you can bet that many of them will not be back. Unless you are in the business of selling Internet products or services, it is better to wait until any experience has been gained with respect to the appropriate ways of using new techniques. When desktop publishing was young, people put twenty fonts in their documents: let’s avoid similar design bloat on the Web.
Outdated Information
Budget to hire a web designer as part of your team. You need somebody to root out the weeds and replant the flowers as the website changes but most people would rather spend their time creating new content than on maintenance. In practice, maintenance is a cheap way of enhancing the content on your website since many old pages keep their relevance and should be linked into the new pages. Of course, any pages are better off being removed completely from the server after their expiration date.